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Surgical technologist

Surgical technologist salary is fantastic even if you just started off your career. The average starting salary of surgical technologists in the US ranges from $12 to $18 per hour.

Average Income of Surgical Technologist

The national average salary of a surgical tech is about $44,420 per annum. The upper technologists can earn around $61,300. The annual wage of surgical techs is $42,720 and annual wage of lower techs is $30,450. The average annual income of those who work in California is around $57,790. You can earn around $55,740 in a year if you work in Hawaii, $54,590 from Nevada, $53,950 from Connecticut, and $52,730 from Alaska.

The average annual beginning salary of surgical technologists in Australia is around AU $25,000. However, you will get around AU$ 40,000 after 3-5 years of experience. Those who work in Canada can earn around C$38,159 to C$60,309 per annum. After working 1-4 years, you will also get a bonus up to C$1,578. Surgical techs who work in UK can earn around €45,000 per annum.

However, the income of professionals in the UK depends on the age. If you are in the 40s of 50s, you can earn around €52,000 per annum. Professionals who work in London can earn around €49,050 per annum. The average annual salary of professionals who work in Northern Ireland is €40,500 and in Wales is €37,800.

Who is a Surgical Technologist?

Surgical technicians, surgical techs and scrub techs are the other names of surgical technologists. As a surgical technician, you need to work in operating rooms under the guidance of surgeons and registered nurses. Preparing a sterile environment in the operation room is your most important responsibility. You need to check surgical tools and equipment to ensure everything is functioning properly and assembled correctly. You need to give scalpels and other tools to surgeons during medical procedures.

If you are highly efficient, you will have the capability to anticipate the tools a surgeon need while doing an operation. You must provide the proper equipment before a surgeon demand it. Usually, you need to start your career by scrubbing simple procedures. Once you earn some experience and familiarity with a procedure, you need to handle more difficult operations.

If you are highly experienced and skilled, you can even assist high risk complicated procedures like open heart surgery. You are also responsible for preparing a patient, which include shaving, sterilizing incision points, etc. Transporting patients to operating room is also your responsibility.

You can work in a variety of locations such as hospitals, outpatient clinics, dentists’ offices, physicians’ offices, or in field hospitals in military. Major duties include:
• Sterilizing and shaving patients
• Monitoring vital statistics of patients
• Sterilizing all equipment and operating room
• Handing surgeons tools during the procedure
• Make sure all equipment is functioning
• Stock and restock operating room before and after surgical procedure
Education Requirement

You can become a surgical technologist after completing an accredited surgical technology program successfully. The duration of the course varies from 9 months to 2 years. If you are undergoing a certificate program, the duration is 9 months. But, 2 years is required for completing an associate degree program. Hospitals, vocational schools and colleges offer these training programs. Accredited institutions provide you internship in clinical settings, which is essential for getting hands-on training. Study topics include:

• Surgical procedures
• Pharmacology
• Microbiology
• Physiology and human anatomy
• Patient care
• Medical terminology
• Operating room safety and sterilization

Surgical techs need to work under extremely high pressure situations. You must be able to perform your duties flawlessly under very tense and demanding situations. You must be aware that the life of a patient is hanging in the balance of your actions. You must also be able to stand for a long period of time without a break. So, do not consider this job if you have back problems. High degree of concentration and focus are essential to do these tasks. You are responsible for giving proper tools to the surgeons.


Just like the other career fields, the salary of surgical techs also varies depending on experience, education, location, settings, etc. Your skill has greater role in determining your salary. According to BLS, the employment opportunity for surgical techs is expected to grow by 25 percent through 2018. This is also a great medical field.

The stating salary of surgical techs is not impressive. But you will get lots of benefits once you acquire a few years experience. Most surgical techs seek employment in hospitals. However, the average annual surgical technologist salary is very high in physicians’ offices, outpatient care centers, surgical supply industry, etc.

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