The Ultimate Guide To Oral Surgeon Salary (2015)

There’s been a lot of hype about the average oral surgeon salary for a long time owing to their job description. For most people any type of surgery, not just oral, is a delicate process that requires a high level of skill to master and carry out safely so the returns should be fairly good, actually really good. With this in mind it’s really important for wannabe oral surgeons get a mental picture of not just what they’re going to be doing but also what they will be making in the process.

Generally there will be a number of factors that will determine the salary of any employee anywhere, however an oral surgeon’s salary falls within a category, a pretty good category I might add. All the years spent in school in meticulous preparation to perform oral surgery are clearly worth it if the available statistics on the average oral surgeon salary are anything to go by.

In the United States the average oral surgeon salary is about $210,000 annually that translates to a median average of $101 per hour. To add to this the highest paid oral surgeon earns somewhere near a cool $164 per hour, over $300000 annually.

This makes oral surgery one of the highest paying jobs both in the United States and worldwide where even the lowest earning oral surgeon still makes $48.91 on an hourly basis amounting to yearly earnings of about $101730 which let’s face it is still a lot more than the highest paid employees in a lot of companies. Keep this in mind if you’re pursuing a career in medicine.

Who is an Oral surgeon?
So now that we have the oral surgeon’s salary covered, what does he actually do? Well an oral surgeon is basically a dental specialist who performs surgeries and operations on the mouth region, the jaw, teeth and other areas around the head region.

The oral surgeon salary does say a lot about their job description and as such their job involves consultation with patients with various types of oral injuries and condition, recommendation for treatment and the daunting task of carrying out surgery.

Oral surgery is often referred to as maxillofacial surgery a term used to refer to medical procedures involving the head, face jaw as well as sinuses therefore there is a broad area of expertise for oral surgeons. However oral surgeons generally help patients in diagnosis as well as treatment, tooth diseases, injuries to the head and surrounding tissues as well as the prescription of solutions to pain resulting from other conditions like facial discomfort and pain arising from tumors or nerve damage. These are often serious medical conditions and oral surgeons are thus a very integral part of our society.

Life of an Oral surgeon.
With all these duties and responsibilities bestowed upon oral surgeons, it’s bound to be a hectic and busy life, one that the oral surgeon salary earlier discussed may or may not compensate for. Oral surgeons have an eventful schedule that is not only limited to surgery hours within the hospital.

While they perform countless surgeries every year that entail very early mornings going to very late nights, in between the oral surgeon is always giving out advice in the form of consultancy services for patients as well as follow-up visits and check-ups on patients who have recently undergone surgery.

A typical day in an oral surgeon’s life would involve appointments with patients, a number of small operations like tooth extraction and general dental maintenance practices on patients, then there are the more complex operations that take hours and often involve a team of surgeons. These usually include accident victims and patients suffering from cancer or tumors and these are very delicate operations employing a lot of skill and hours to do right.

Taking this into consideration it’s in order to say some light has been shed on oral surgery as a profession and as a way of life. The oral surgeon salary being an important point to note for future oral surgeons as well as the duties expected to be performed by one.

Just like any other career a lot of discipline is required as well as that drive and insatiable thirst to be the best witch for a fact is very important, particularly when dealing directly with people as is the case with oral surgeons.

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