The Insider’s Guide to Mortician Salary and job(2015)



Mortician salary is very stable and this job allows you to lead a comfortable life. This profession helps you to earn around $50,000 yearly in the beginning of your career. The top 10 percent professionals can earn around $100,000 in a year. While considering the education qualification of mortician, this amount is very high.

Average Salary Of A Mortician

The starting salary of a mortician is approximately $21,331 annually. However, you can increase your salary significantly once you gain more experience. If you have one year experience, you can collect around $45,958 yearly. Average salary of morticians in the United States ranges from $23,378 – $62,468 per annum.

Average hourly rate of them ranges from $19.52 to $26.64. According to the 75th percentile, take home income of morticians is around $49,000 per annum. But, the 90th percentile income is more than $62,000 per year.

The income of morticians who work in Canada varies between C$31,152 to C$61,132 per year. The median salary of professionals in this field is about C$41,706 per annum. Those who work in Australia can earn between AU$35,114 to AU$63,946 annually. Besides, they are also eligible to get a yearly bonus, which is approximately AU$17,510. Income of professionals who work in UK ranges from £13,974 to £27,634 per year.

Who Is A Mortician?

A mortician is a person who deals with the dead people. They are responsible for embalming the dead and their burial or cremation. They have the complete responsibility of funeral of the dead. So, they need to make all arrangements that involve in a cremation. If you really want to become a mortician, you must be prepared to face different aspects of dead people.

Morticians are also known as funeral directors. Preparing everything for the process of funeral is not the only responsibility of a funeral director. They must also help families of the diseased by managing and planning a funeral. Transferring the body of a dead person is the major duty of a mortician. They must also undertake all rites in accordance with the spiritual requirements of the family.

This job is emotionally challenging and highly stressful. The other healthcare professionals deal with people who are alive. But in this profession, you must be physically and mentally prepared for dealing with the dead people.

An associate degree is the minimum requirement to become a mortician. However, you can make greater advancements in your career if you have a bachelor degree in mortuary science. The coursework covers subjects such as:

* Federal regulations
* Chemistry
* Anatomy
* Microbiology
* Professional ethics
* Embalming
* Counseling
* Pathology

Studying in an approved college helps you to do apprenticeship in a mortuary for 1-3 years. You must be healthy and immunized against tetanus, hepatitis B and diphtheria. To become a certified mortician, you must appear for an exam offered by The Funeral Service Examining Board. Families of the diseased can be handled effectively if you undergo a course in communication.

Life Of A Mortician

As a mortician, you need to spend most of your professional life in crematories or funeral homes. You must be in the site 24 hours. So, this job is good for those who are willing to spend their whole day for this profession. Additionally, you need to work on weekends or during night.

The life of a mortician is pretty rewarding because you are doing a good job in the community. After acquiring educational requirements, you can start working in a funeral home or can start your own business by opening a funeral home. Funeral directors are required for all communities, so you can enjoy a good job security.

Morticians are responsible for managing overall business of a crematorium. They hire employees, meet clients, make financial decisions, plan funerals and manage property. Sometimes, they need to involve in more detailed tasks, which include dressing bodies, applying cosmetics to visible parts, place bodies in caskets, etc.

Most funeral homes have a casket room, preparation room, a chapel and viewing areas. You need to manage all these areas, flower cars, hearses and other business automobiles. It is your responsibility to make everything proper before the day of funeral. So, you need to discuss with families regarding funeral programs and procedures and the type of service they need.

If you are running your own funeral home, you need to do managerial and administrative tasks additionally. So, you will be responsible for client services, marketing, accounting, building management, human resources and hiring.


According to the latest estimate, the demand for morticians will increase around 18 percent by the next decade. Compared to the other professions, this is an average growth. You can expect a great reward from this career. Those who work in Texas, New York, California, Florida, and Ohio can earn higher income. Just like the income of other professionals, mortician salary is also influenced by various factors including experience and knowledge.


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